I have information being stored using the dictionary object, the page currently loops through the dictionary object to output the information into HTML but I need it to output into a SQL Database, how would I go about accomplishing this? The code below is only a small piece, I think this is all you need, but if you would like to see more or if you don&#039t understand what I need please let me know, I am in dire need of this information...my project is already very late. Thanks to anyone who can help.<BR>CODE:<BR>&#060;%<BR> sHTMLPage = "Status: " & DictResult.Item("MStatus") & CRTN <BR> DictResult.Remove("MStatus")<BR> <BR> arDictKey = DictResult.keys<BR> for cCount = 0 to DictResult.Count -1<BR> sHTMLPage = sHTMLPage _<BR> & "&#060;P&#062;" & arDictKey(cCount) & ":" _ <BR> & DictResult.Item(arDictKey(cCount)) & "&#060;/P&#062;" & CRTN<BR> Next<BR> Call CCDebug ("Exiting DoQuery")<BR> DoQuery = sHTMLPage<BR> end function <BR>%&#062;<BR>&#060;%= DoQuery %&#062;<BR>OUTPUT:<BR>Status: success <BR>card-exp:12/00<BR>aux-msg:Financial Institution Response: authorization approved and captured. <BR>cust-txn:403132279<BR>avs-code:Y<BR>paid-amount:usd 1.00<BR>card-number:411111<BR>card-type:vs<BR>order-id:1124199910610766<BR>ref-code:000000034996<BR>auth-code:102176<BR>merch-txn:403132279<BR>action-code:007<BR>