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    ok..<BR><BR>I have windows hosting.<BR><BR>I have just aquired an SQL Server account.<BR><BR>I have been given an ip address for the SQL Server Manager.<BR><BR>So.. What do I do with this IP address??? where do I put it??<BR><BR>btw I&#039;ve messed around with the ODBC panel on my PC to no avail.<BR><BR>p.s. Im behide a firewall.. does the ODBC panel use a different port address for messaging to the SQL server???

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    If you have been given access to sql server through a browser interface just plug your IP into the URL like so...<BR>http://123.333.333.333<BR><BR>WHERE 123.333.333.333 = YourIpAddress<BR><BR>It will definatley be different as you will have more commands and less user interface.. More like Query Analyzer...<BR>Hope this helps!

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    yeah... did that... didn&#039;t work!<BR><BR>I&#039;ll maybe phone them<BR><BR>thx

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