Dear guys,<BR>I&#039;m new to XML so please don&#039;t fire me! I&#039;ve to validate an xml file by means of an XML schema. I&#039;m shure that XML schema is correct &#039;cause loading the XML data file with XML SPY (a good xml editor), if data isn&#039;t correct I receive a message, but how can I validate the XML using MSXML in a ASP page?<BR><BR>I did in this way but I got no error even if the xml data file was (heavy) wrong:<BR><BR>dim xmlDati <BR>set xmlDati= server.CreateObjec("Msxml2.FreeThreadedDOMDocument ")<BR>xmlDati.async = false<BR>xmlDati.resolveExternals = true<BR>xmlDati.validateOnParse = true<BR>dim schemaCache<BR>set schemaCache = server.CreateObject("MsXml2.XMLSchemaCache")<BR>sc hemaCache.get(Server.MapPath("pippo.xsd"))&#039; schema file<BR>xmlDati.load Server.MapPath(("pippo.xml")) &#039; xml data file<BR>xmlDati.schemas = schemaCache<BR><BR> Thanks to all