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    how do I pass the value of a Jscript variable to<BR>a Vbscript variable<BR><BR>because this doesn&#039;t work<BR>&#060;SCRIPT&#062;<BR> function getCookie(file) {<BR> ...<BR> return value }<BR>&#060;/SCRIPT&#062;<BR><BR>dim value // value = vbscript variable<BR>value = getCookie(file) // getCookie = function in Jscript

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    Default That *should* work...

    *ASSUMING* that both the JS and VBS code are on the client (or both on the server). Naturally, if JS is on the client and VBS is on the server it will never work. In which case see the ASPFAQs, I believe under the category "the nature of things".<BR><BR>

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