I have been working on this program for about a week now, and all I getting is a headache from trying to make it work. The problem I&#039m having is I have a recordset that contains 3 records. On my form, I have previous and next buttons to navigate through the recordset. It works until you try to go to the third record. When you click one of the buttons, it submits the form back to itself, with a variable (nav) in the querystring. I have a script that examines the variable and uses the .movePrevious and .moveNext methods to go to the next or previous record. I think the root of my problem lies in the fact that the original sql statement is getting run again when the page reloads, and the .moveNext is moving to the second record every time. My question is how do I get past that second record? I have tried using the .findFirst method searching on the primary key in my table, but I still can only get to the second record in the set. Any help would be greatly appreciated.