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    I am using Access97 and am trying to use the example given in the article on this site entitled: A Nifty Little Talble Search" &#060;or something to that effect>... When I run the search query, I get this error: >[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression &#039LIKE &#039%scott%&#039&#039.... What am I doing wrong? <BR><BR>Any help would be great!!<BR><BR>Scott

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    Might try using * instead of % for access.. not sure but something to try.

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    It helps if you post the code and a tidy version of your SQL string. From your post though it looks like you might have got your " and &#039 mixed up a little, your query should look something like this :<BR><BR>SELECT *<BR>FROM MyTable<BR>WHERE MyField LIKE &#039Test&#039<BR><BR>From your post it looks like you might have missed the last &#039 off or put a " instead?<BR><BR>hope that helps<BR><BR>Pete

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