Problems with ado output parameters

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Thread: Problems with ado output parameters

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    I wrote a stored proc that takes 2 output parameters :<BR>@RowField varchar(50) output,<BR>@ColField varchar(50) output<BR><BR>Then I create ado command in my asp page with 2 output parameters :<BR>cdRep.Parameters.Append cdRep.CreateParameter( "@RowField", adVarChar, adParamOutput,50)<BR>cdRep.Parameters.Append cdRep.CreateParameter( "@ColField",adVarChar, adParamOutput,50)<BR><BR>but the results I get after executing the command are very confusing, sometimes I get the output right and other times I don&#039;t .<BR>I checked the stroed proc , but there is nothing wrong and so is the data.<BR>I don&#039;t know what is wrong.

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    Default Code of sp??? <eop>


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