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    I am using Ms Access 97 and I am not sure whether mutiple users can access at the same time. Do I need any special code? Or do I need any locking? Please give me some hint. Thanks.

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    Here are some resources you might find of interest:<BR><BR>Speed Tips by Charles Carroll<BR><BR>GetRows is fast and GetString is faster but doesn&#039;t allow formatting of a field.<BR>The only thing faster than GetString I believe would be putting a recordset into an application variable.<BR>Explains other links:<BR><BR> Buffer That Output by Charles Carroll<BR><BR><BR> IsClientConnected -- eliminating stray tasks by Charles Carroll<BR><BR> A page referring to this page wrote: "Don&#039;t waste time running scripts if the user hit the "stop" button or went to different page/site."<BR> "Response.IsClientConnected() is available beginning with IIS4"<BR> &#039; Now lets grab all the records<BR> do until (rstemp.eof or response.isclientconnected=false)<BR><BR> Round-Robin Code Execution by Charles Carroll<BR><BR> Open recordsets as late as possible. Close recordsets as early as possible.<BR><BR>Best regards,<BR>-Paul<BR><BR>J. Paul Schmidt, MBA<BR>Databases on the Web<BR>

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