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Thread: IIS 5 not recognising asp extension

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    knlpres Guest

    Default IIS 5 not recognising asp extension

    Hello, you have a newbie to ASP. I am trying to learn this stuff and I have several examples of code but no matter what ones I use I cannot get them to run on my machine. I'm using MS Advanced Server, IIS 5. When I try to run anything the debugger pops up and highlites everything in ASP. This has got to be some stupid setting or how I'm supposed to access the page and I'm not real clear on this and it is driving me crazy.

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    peterjl@austec.net.au Guest

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    Are you running it thru your server or are you just displaying the file through the browser.<BR><BR>If your using the default setup, then you asp would be in a folder "c:inetpudwwwroot". if your file is "default.asp", then in your browser you open "http://localhost/default.asp". If this does not work you need to go into "Start/Settings/Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Internet Services Manager". Then check that the folder allows the execution of scripts.

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    It is most probably that by default the root directory does not allow scripts to run

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    knlpres Guest

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    From what I have read and what Pete says it is that I am not accessing the file correctly. I have tried to use http://mymachine/default.asp and it tells me that I am "off line" which I am because I am doing this on a test machine that I don&#039;t have hooked up to the network. That way I screw something up it won&#039;t affect my web server. How do I run the file through the web server if I&#039;m not online and this pop up keeps coming up?<BR><BR>I&#039;m sure this is a pretty simple problem that I&#039;m overlooking that many people must go through. Is there a hold-my-hand tutorial that wals someone through getting something going? Once I get it started I think I&#039;ll be OK.<BR><BR>

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