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    I am having trouble with my shopping cart. <BR>I am using a dictionary object to hold the ProductID and the Qty.<BR>The price and all the other stuff is held into a database and is pulled out when the user checks out or views the shopping cart contents. Everything worked perfectly until i renamed the session Variable "cart" to "1-cart". Now it will not work at all.<BR><BR>I have a window that pops up after the user clicks the add to cart button. Then they enter the qty and it updates the Dict. Object Session("1-cart"), if its not an object it creates it. But now for some reason if they ad something to their cart it will not keep it in the session variable, timeout is 10 minutes also.<BR><BR>It will hold other session variables such as login information. I am stumped.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Tridnet@yahoo.com<BR>

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    Cade Guest


    I am sorry for posting this in this forum. <BR>It was found with a bit of research on my part.<BR>Next time I will look before I post.<BR><BR>

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