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    And now for my latest...<BR><BR>I&#039;m using a hidden frame in the chatroom frameset that refreshes every few seconds to check if there has been an update in the conversation. If so, the message frame refreshes, if not, it just continues along reloading until there is.<BR><BR>I was wondering if this would be a better idea or if it would be an unecessary drain on the resources. The hidden frame looping on the server side until it picks up a change in the application variable, at which point it updates the conversation frame than refreshes itself (location.href...).<BR>The upside is that there would be no clicks on the user&#039;s browser every few seconds and there wouldn&#039;t be a that little hourglass/glitch when the hidden frame refreshes. I&#039;m wondering though if this is a bad idea -- is this more of a drain on the server? will the hidden frame timeout after a while? or is there something else I&#039;m missing.<BR><BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Jarrod<BR><BR>

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    Well you only have 2 options refresh the hidden frame or refresh the conversation frame every so many seconds, I to refresh the hidden frame<BR><BR>When someone posts an entry to the room it updates an application("Lastmodified") variable with Now() <BR><BR>It has never timedout on me yet, its not poplating a page just testing for a value

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