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    Hi-<BR><BR>I have a business that is in hosting/design field. I have users that want to join fill out a form and I setup everything manually. This is taking up too much time now that I&#039;m getting bigger. So I need help with some apps.<BR> <BR>The few applications that I need have to be good ones that work, that aren&#039;t too expesive(I always prefer free).<BR><BR>I have looked at and other remotely hosted, but can&#039;t find good ones. I could use help on how to code them if that is how I&#039;ve got to do it, like ideas, coding, ect.<BR><BR>1. I am looking for a email system. This would make a new pop3 and then let the user access using web-based format.<BR><BR>2. I am looking for an upload/download prog that works like WS_FTP. It would have to allow multiple users and restrict them to designated folders depening on username.<BR><BR>3. I am looking for a customer relation system. Allow forum, chat(with other users), FAQ, KB, email support, and chat support(directly with tech support)(like MSN).<BR><BR>Also, I can&#039;t use any progs that have to be installed on the server. Unless I get multi-user license(but usually it&#039;s too much money for just me).<BR><BR>I absolutely need the first 2. The third is more like a dream. Any help is greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Jeremy #121

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    Default It's nice to dream

    isn&#039;t it? It sounds like you need to learn to code these apps yourself if the free ones aren&#039;t good enough. I don&#039;t know what you expect from the people here other than more URL&#039;s to free apps and it sounds as though you have been through a lot of those. is one of the best I know of you might also try and If you can code you should be able to alter those scripts to your needs. If you can&#039;t code maybe you need to consider learning.

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    Yeah I know.<BR><BR>I can code them, but I haven&#039;t ever worked with like pop3 and the web-email.<BR><BR>I also was looking for time savers, maybe someone found a site that I haven&#039;t. I spend all day seting up new users and I never have time to code, ect.<BR><BR>Just wondering if anyone had help, but guess I&#039;ll have to code.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Jeremy #121

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