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    Can I add dynamically text fields depending whether the user wants more fields, and depending the number of fields he added I should display them in differnt number of pages,<BR><BR>Eg. if the user has added 5 or less entries the result should be shown in one page. If the user selected 6 or more fields then the result shd be in 2 or more pages.<BR><BR>I am creting a cv maker, where the user can select as many number of experience and add them but when he wants a print out he can take a nicely formated printout where only 5 or less number of experiences are listed<BR><BR>I have these fields in the beginning<BR>comptx, yeartx, positx, roletx<BR><BR>Is it possible, if yes can somebody help me<BR><BR>nash

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    Default Here I am again but... can do it using Javascript.

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