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    brook adams Guest

    Default How to enable VBScript

    I just got a machine with windows 2000... I am learning how to do ASPs but for some reason, I can't get my computer to recognize VBScript. It behaves as though it wasn't there. I did fiddle around in the control panel and at one point got an alert that VBScript was not running. My question is, how do I turn it on?

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    Default First off...Have you installed IIS?

    If not go to the Control Panel-&#062; Then Add/Remove Programs -&#062; Then Add/Remove Windows components. Check Internet Information Services, and click OK.<BR><BR>If you *have* done this already....Let me know, and we&#039;ll figure out the problem.

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    Go to control panel and open &#039;internet options&#039; go to the security tab.<BR><BR>Then what you should do is check the level of security (Usually set to medium) If you have customised the level make sure you have scripting and java scripting ENABLED, this should solve your problem

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    brook adams Guest

    Default RE: First off...Have you installed IIS?

    hey, thanks for answering. Uh, yes I did install IIS. There were about 8 different things you could add. I checked all but the remote server one.<BR><BR>thanks again

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    Default RE: How to enable VBScript

    Okey dokey...<BR><BR>I&#039;ll try it...<BR><BR>thanks!<BR>

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