I have an ASP application that enables users to display a series of images (gif, jpg) stored on the server and print them. The images vary in size (max 650 pixels wide by 850 pixels high). The ASP code selects the images and writes them to a single displayed html page for the user to print. Having the images display on separate pages would defeat the business purpose of the app.<BR><BR>How can I get the images to print one-per-page, to ensure that they aren&#039;t cut in half at the end of a page?<BR><BR>I know of a CSS-type page break that I can use that works in IE, but Netscape appears to ignore it. Inserting filler images doesn&#039;t work, since different printers treat them differently. I have no control over users&#039; browsers, print drivers, or printers.<BR><BR>Related question (I don&#039;t think this is possible, but let me know if there is a way . . .): Is it possible for an ASP page to print images to a user&#039;s printer without displaying them first?? In other words, a user would click on a button or link on a page not displaying the images, and the printer would print the images. (The user wouldn&#039;t see them until thay came out of the printer.)<BR><BR>Please help!