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    hey can I send e-mails from a asp-page with only <BR>PWS and WIN98 installed?<BR>I need a component and a smtp server ?<BR>I have a component: SoftArtisan SMTPMAil...<BR><BR>but what about the smtp server<BR>or is it a mission impossible<BR><BR>thank you very much

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    I ran PWS on &#039;98 when I started and I couldn&#039;t fig out how do send e-mails server side.<BR><BR>I know a guy that did it on PWS on &#039;98 with a 3rd party e-mailer.<BR><BR>I now run IIS5 on Win2kPro, and it the SMTP was installed, and it was easy to send e-mails/

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    here using CDONTS. As long as you have an internet connection it should work.<BR><BR> MSPSS_gn_SRCH&SPR=MSALL

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    no I&#039;m sorry it doesn&#039;t work<BR><BR>it seems that I have to buy win 2000<BR><BR>;-) <BR><BR>mcmal

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    Default Any excuse is a good excuse.....

    And as far as I&#039;m concerned 9x can&#039;t die fast enough :-)<BR>

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