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    I suppose someone will say this is just a matter of preference, but I would like to know what would seem more practical or smart.<BR><BR>I am building a little classified service and want to let people enter the url of a photo if they have one. I&#039;ve been beating myself up over something so small, but I am wondering if I should show "http://" as the initial value in the textbox. I know that when I write this value to the db table I will have to check for that header or risk a bad link, right? <BR><BR>So should I leave it off and check for a header upon submission? Should I maybe check for a header with client-side JavaScript before submission? Furthermore, I should probably allow "https://" as well, right?<BR><BR>I guess the ultimate solution would be to have the link automatically examined for presence. Hey, is that possible? Can VBScript visit a link to validate that a photo with size exists at the provided url?<BR><BR>Any insights are really appreciated. Thanks!

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    I think the "http://" is a good idea. It should be populated in front of the URL if it&#039;s not already there (future updates to the record). I wouldn&#039;t worry about the secured certificate "https://"<BR><BR>Attempt to see if an image actually exists will just timeout with the request. We&#039;ve tried to perform a check with JavaScript but ran into problems with page reloads and the back button causing the image not to be displayed.<BR><BR>Just my $0.02 worth...

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    Make it clear to the users that they will not type in the http://<BR><BR>But if it were a serious application, I&#039;d prob investigate into validating that the URL has the http:// to prevent broken images.<BR><BR>I&#039;d do it server side because I&#039;m a lot better with VBScript, but client side JavaScript would probably be ideal.

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