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    yes I don't know too...

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    I downloaded the email component SMTPMAIL<BR>from<BR><BR>now I have to specify the Remote.Host...<BR>so, is it correct that I have to install a smtp server?<BR><BR>and where can I get one?<BR><BR>and can I run this all on a win 98 platform<BR>I chose this component, because the requirements are:<BR><BR>-win 95/98 , win nt , win2000<BR>...<BR>-IIS 3.0..., Microsoft Personal Web server<BR><BR>I have win 98 and PWS so it have to work or not?<BR><BR>but where can I define my Remote Host Adress?<BR><BR>?????????<BR><BR>thank you very much for your help <BR>mcmal<BR>

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    Remotehost address is any IP/DNS address that is a mail server which the com points to to route your email to the specific recipient e.g<BR><BR> /<BR><BR>if this is an intranet or internal dev project, then contact your IT department to get the mail server hostname/ip

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