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    This is basically the situation that I have. I have an update page in my ASP app, which just updates info that is in a database. When the update page is first loaded it populates all the feilds with the current values. And you can change whatever feilds you need to then i update the records accordingly. However, if you hit the back button, the old page is still there, with the old values. Partly this is because the form isn&#039;t submitted onto itself, i have another page do the update. Is this bad ASP programming? Should I have the form submit onto itself? And how can i get it so no matter what the page won&#039;t access the Cache at all. I run into the same problems elsewhere in my app. I have the following lines in all the pages: <BR>&#060;META http-equiv="expires" CONTENT="Tue, 20 Aug 1996 01:00:00 GMT"&#062;<BR><BR>&#060;META http-equiv="Pragma" CONTENT="no-cache"&#062;<BR><BR>but this doesn&#039;t seem to work. Is there another way to ensure that the page reloads completely everytime. Thanks in advance.

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    Default <% Response.Expires = 0 %>

    ...causes the page to be refreshed (reloaded) every time it is accessed, rather than being stored in a cache. <BR><BR>btw even if the form were submitted onto itself, you would encounter the same problem you are getting

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