Hey GUys,<BR>I have been reading the article Datashaping, And would like to ask if someone knows howto add a WHERE clause, ei, WHERE PROFESSORID = 1<BR>PLEASE WRITE BACK TO MY EMAIL: BINGER@WEB-ON-TV.DK<BR>THANKS<BR><BR>The code is.:<BR> <BR> Dim strShapeSQL<BR> strShapeSQL = "SHAPE {SELECT ProfessorID, FirstName, LastName, PhoneNumber " & _<BR> " FROM Professor}" & _<BR> " APPEND({SELECT ClassName, RefNumber, ProfessorID FROM Class} AS Class " & _<BR> " RELATE ProfessorID TO ProfessorID), " & _<BR> " ({SELECT Title, ProfessorID FROM Project} AS Project " & _<BR> " RELATE ProfessorID TO ProfessorID)" <BR> Set objProfessorRS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR> objProfessorRS.Open strShapeSQL, objConn