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    My form validation are not working. Can anyone tell me where i can find a good form validation for a LONG form. I can get it to work with a short for but now i have a very long form users need to fill out. Any suggestions on where i can get this?

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    Default here is client side. you didn't say which

    &#060;!--<BR>function ValidateDoc()<BR>{<BR> var ErrorMsg = "";<BR> ErrorMsg = "_____________________________________________ ____

    "<BR> ErrorMsg += "The form was not submitted because of the following error(s).
    "<BR> ErrorMsg += "Please correct these error(s) and resubmit.
    "<BR> ErrorMsg += "_____________________________________________ ____

    "<BR> ErrorMsg += "The following required fields are empty :

    "<BR> <BR> var InitLen = ErrorMsg.length;<BR> var TheForm = document.allform;<BR> <BR>if (corporate.company_name.value.length &#060; 1)<BR> ErrorMsg = ErrorMsg + "- Company Name
    ";<BR>if (corporate.issue.value.length &#060; 1)<BR> ErrorMsg = ErrorMsg + "- Issue
    ";<BR>if ( ErrorMsg.length &#062; InitLen )<BR> {<BR> alert( ErrorMsg );<BR> return (false);<BR> }<BR>}<BR>//--&#062;<BR><BR><BR>&#060;form action="action.asp" method="post" name="corporate" ONSUBMIT="return ValidateDoc();"&#062;<BR><BR>there is a client side for ya

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