i need to automate the sending of mail to customers that ordered from my website..<BR>the emails are in a table and i want them to be sent out about every half hour or so...<BR>in global.asa, i have a counter called application("sessioncount")<BR>i also have application("lastmail") which is the time and date of the last time the function ran<BR>application("sessioncount") is raised by one every time a session is started<BR>when it reaches 15, then the script checks if the date in application("lastmail") is more than half hour ago and if not it runs the function....<BR>however the problem is that the function takes long to run and the user who gets the session which processes this function gets a blank response for a couple of minutes....<BR>i need to be able to run this script in the background and not in the foreground of the client who is accessing the site...<BR>how can i do this?