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    Default Referencing JavaScript Multidimensional Array

    How do you reference elements in the rsQarray array? The code runs on the server in an ASP file. The object rsQ is a recordset object returned from a MS Access query.<BR><BR>var rsQarray = rsQ.GetRows();<BR><BR>The Visual InterDev watch window shows:<BR>┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*Name┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬* ┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*Value┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*T ype<BR>┬*┬*┬*-rsQarray┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬* ┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*Array of Variant<BR>┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*-rsQarray[0]┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬* ┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*Array of Variant<BR>┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*-rsQarray[0][0]┬*┬*"John Smith"┬*┬*┬*┬*String<BR>┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*-rsQarray[0][0]┬*┬*"Steve Jobs"┬*┬*┬*┬*String<BR>┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*+rsQarray[1]<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;+rsQ array[2]<BR>and so on. Everything is there, I just can&#039;t get to the values with code in the script. I have referenced several articles and found them to simple to be of help. I keep getting "undefined user type" and "rsQarray.0.1.1 is not an object" messages.<BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated.<BR>

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    Default It is *NOT* a JS array!

    The problem is that ADODB.RecordSet.GetRows returns a VBS 2-D array! And that is *NOT* compatible with a JS array of any kind!<BR><BR>If you want to use that array from JS code, you have to convert it from the VBS array to a JS array.<BR><BR>Start here:<BR><BR><BR>Click on "Objects" in the list of categories.<BR><BR>Click on "VBArray Object" in the list of objects.<BR><BR>Read the docs, paying special attention to the example.<BR><BR>You can either use the "getItem" method to get elements of the VBArray or you can use the "toArray" method to convert the VBArray to a JS array, but note the docs there: If you do the latter, you end up with a ONE DIMENSIONAL JS array, so you have to use a little arithmetic to access the rows and columns of the original 2D array.<BR><BR>Yes, you *WOULD* think that *SOMEWHERE* in the MS docs there would be a discussion of this problem!<BR><BR>If you still need help with this, ask.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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