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Thread: developing ActiveX DLL on server - in use error

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    I&#039;m in the process of encapsulating some of my company&#039;s business rules into an ActiveX DLL that I created with VB for use in ASP pages. The problem is that every time I want to make a change to the DLL, I can&#039;t just copy and register it on the server because the DLL is "in use" (if I&#039;ve created it once in in an ASP page).<BR><BR>I have to reboot the development web server every time and then copy the DLL. This is getting really annoying because it takes several minutes and I&#039;m not the only developer working on the server. I&#039;ve tried starting/stopping the w3svc service, and setting the object = Nothing in code, nothing works. If I can just find a way to get IIS 4.0 to release the COM handle I think I could copy it then.<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR>

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    Default Simple I guess

    In ur project properties of the DLL set the compatability<BR>for the project as "Binary".this will allow ur applications<BR>to use the modified dll, without a recompile everytime u make<BR>a change.<BR><BR>BTW, ur suggestion is not helpful for me.thanks

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    The IIS service keeps the DLL&#039;s in use.<BR><BR>If you want to change one, you&#039;ll have to stop it<BR>(using services-manager, or by script).<BR><BR>One problem though: stopping IIS Admin service releases the<BR>components, but it also takes down all internet services,<BR>which have to be restarted manually (or by script).<BR><BR>Bart.<BR>

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