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    I do not no whether to use vbscript classes or jscript objects (called by vbscript). Vbscript is my main scripting language(I have done some client side scripting with jscript). C was my main programming language at University ( but that was a few years ago)<BR>Which will best prepare me for .net ?<BR>Should I use both?<BR><BR>

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    Default Neither?

    Both languages are, essentially, going away with .NET. You&#039;ll need to learn C# (pronounced "C-Sharp") or Visual Basic to be successful in .NET. Since you say you learned C, you might find C# the way to go. But caution: It is closer to Java than it is to C. (That&#039;s Java, *not* JavaScript, which bears only a very passing resemblance to Java.)<BR><BR>So... I&#039;d say take your pick for now. 95% or more of all the examples you see on ASP are written in VBS. JScript coding is pretty rare. And there are several places in ASP where the JS programmer has been almost ignored (see, for example, my post in the "JS Multidimensional Array" thread not far above here). But do whatever makes you comfortable.<BR><BR>

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