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    We got three sites running independently on three diff. servers with their own security to log in users.Now i need to make a page that should be used as a place to allow users to LOGIN ONCE, so as to allow them to use all the three sites(this new page got some links to those sites).I&#039;m able to skip the individual login screens of all these sites to reach a particular page by passing the credentials.<BR><BR>But the problem is other than links to diff. pages to these sites, the new page has input boxes for UID and PWD.if the user enters his uid and pwd, he should be able to get access to all the sites. (no more logins).<BR><BR>Is this possible at all??<BR><BR>FYI-- two servers run on UNIX one on NT<BR><BR>Any ideas are appreciated..<BR><BR>

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    Just getting Microsoft servers to share a session is tough enough! I can&#039;t see any real elegant solutions. There are some non-elegant workarounds that I can suggest:<BR><BR>1. On each of the servers&#039; pages have a common button that will allow the user to jump to another server. When the button is clicked, it submits the current user&#039;s UID and PWD to the HTML form on the next server. It is another button that the user must click, but it will at least automatically log them in.<BR><BR>2. Create a new table in your sql server for session management. Have the columns "uid" (Primary Key) and "access_datetime". When someone logs in to any of the servers, create (or update) the row in the database and store a cookie in the users&#039;s browser containing the UID. To be more secure also store the encryped PW in both the database table and cookie. Then add an authentication function to the top of each web page to look up the user&#039;s row in the database and see if they have accessed the site in the last 20 minutes or so. If they&#039;re logged in, update the "access_datetime" field. If the user logs out, delete the row.<BR>

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