I have been asked to recreate a large network directory of assembly and piece part drawings on our intranet. There are 10&#039;s of thousands of drawings in hundreds of directories. Then after listing the contents cross reference our ECO system (access db) and flag drawings under review.<BR><BR>Recomendations for the best way to achieve this are appreciated.<BR><BR>What&#039;s done so far is:<BR>Use the FSO, created ADO Recordset object with no attached datasource, create and display table with hyperlinks.<BR><BR>Everything works great until I try to display the data from the remote server - then permissions are a problem. All domain users have read access to the drawing directory, I&#039;m using an admin account that has full control over all files and directories to connect through IIS, the IIS connection is happy.<BR>I even tried to display results of a remote share that all domain users have full control? I alway get "Path not found"<BR><BR>Here is a sample of how I am connecting. Please straighten me out if possible.<BR><BR>Dim strPath<BR>Dim objFSO<BR>Dim objFolder<BR>Dim objItem<BR><BR>Dim rstFiles<BR>Const adVarChar = 200<BR>Const adInteger = 3<BR>Const adDate = 7<BR><BR>strPath = "/w-drive/" <BR>&#039; virtual directory in IIS with full control<BR><BR>&#039; Create the FSO<BR>Set objFSO = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")< BR><BR>Set objFolder = objFSO.GetFolder(Server.MapPath(strPath))<BR><BR>< BR>Thanks!!!<BR>