Sending Form input into an Email???

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Thread: Sending Form input into an Email???

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    xin Guest

    Default Sending Form input into an Email???

    I've used the Mailto protocol to send the inputs of a html form to an email. It works fine in my computer. However it is not working on some other computer. By 'not working', I mean ... when I submit the form after entering data to it, it displays the message box saying an email is going to be sent. Then when I click "ok", it opens the composer window of outlook with the email address printed in the 'To' box. Can anyone tell me why that might be happening or in which cases mailto does not work? Thank you in Advance!

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    Julius Monkey Guest

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    Mailto: is vague at the best of times, it will only work if they have configured their browser with their e-mail details i.e. mail server etc.. On the internet most people are unlikely to have this setup.

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