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    I have an ASP application that uses Access that I want to convert to use SQL Server. I have an Win2000 Small Business Server setup with SQL Server 2000, IIS, etc. installed. I have converted an example Access database and I have the ASP pages in place.<BR>I cannot, however, connect to the SQL Server DB properly to extract data. This is more than likely an accounts/permissions thing and I am, unfortunately, limited in my knowledge of the Win2000 platform. Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to:<BR>1. set up a UID and password for the database?<BR>2. Set up the proper guest account or whatever account it is that 2000 uses to allow web surfers to access databases?<BR><BR>Any background info or pointers greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Chip

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    you should just need to connect to the db with a similar string:<BR><BR>Driver={SQL Server};Server=SERVERNAME;Uid=sa;Pwd=;Database=dbn ame<BR><BR> default the username will be &#039;sa&#039; and password will be blank. you should of course change this...get a reference book or read the help files to create a new sql server login and add that to a specific db. it&#039;s not that difficult.

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