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    I have been using access localy on my machine with PWS, if I ever wanted to update my database(add new colums rows ect) I would just open up access edit and save and everything would be gravy. Now that I am going online with it is there a faster way to edit my database that is online? Or is it just a matter of pulling it off the server opening it saveing and upload back to server?<BR><BR>Another quicky, if I need a bigger database MS SQL Serve is a good option? Is this somthing that my web host installs or somthing that I upload to my web host?

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    Default sql is the way to go

    your web host would have a sql server, and you would connect to it (make changes, new db&#039;s, tables, etc) through enterprise manager. (the client version of sql)

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    Default Or if you wanted to keep Access....

    You could build a lightweight admin app that would let you do virtually anything that you want right on the web.

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