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    &nbsp;<BR>I run a query that populates an array, then using "for next" statement the array populates dropdown boxes. <BR>After the 10th recordset an "exit for" statement stops the loop.<BR>Changes are made to the records and posted to the database.<BR>Now I need to go back and retreive the next 10 recordsets, make changes to them and post to database and so on until no recordsets remain. <BR>This one is driving me nuts!

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    Simple solution?<BR><BR>==== START<BR><BR>WhereToStart = Request.Form("WhereToStart")<BR>if WhereToStart = "" then<BR> WhereToStart = 0<BR>end if<BR><BR>Set Connection = ... (connection object)<BR>Set RecordSet = ... (recordset object)<BR>Connection.Open("whatever")<BR>Set RecordSet = Connection.Execute(SQLQuery)<BR><BR>x = 0<BR>do while x &#060; WhereToStart<BR> RecordSet.MoveNext<BR> x = x + 1<BR>loop<BR><BR>==== END<BR><BR>Then add 10 onto WhereToStart and place it in the form as a hidden element called "WhereToStart". When it&#039;s submitted, it&#039;ll automatically scroll down to the next record. You can use AbsolutePosition, but it&#039;s harder to get cursors right etc. This is the simplest way.<BR><BR>Craig.

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