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    Hi all,<BR><BR>What I&#039m try to do is using a SQL "Insert Into" statement and "Update" Statement to Add and Update my database&#039s value ...<BR>(all field is memo type).<BR><BR>It works fine with plain text data but not encrypted data. It always gives syntax error message when I execute it. <BR><BR>Anyone know how to handle illegal character generated by encryption ? So I can execute my sql statement no matter what character being generated as a result ....<BR><BR>Any help is much appreciated. ....<BR><BR>Rgds,<BR>Bernard goh

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    There seems to be no reason why &#039Syntax&#039 error is given for illegal charactors. We have used encryption in ASPs with SQL server and the SQL remains same in any case as per my knowledge. If the database can not accept certain charactors like &#039enter&#039 or &#039new line&#039 then there is a problem. Try organising your encryption such that the ascii values lie above 127 to be on safer side.

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