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    I have Windows 2000 Advanced Server installed on my PC which I am using as my own personal development platform.<BR><BR>I have not had any experience configuring any aspect of IIS in the past, but I want to configure this one so that I can work relatively trouble free, or at least make sure I have all the basics setup and functioning properly.<BR><BR>Does anyone have any good resources for step by step guides or insights on setting up IIS?<BR><BR>Like I say this is in it&#039;s basic form, as long as I can find a resources to make sure I have everything configured correctly so as my development process is as painless as possible.<BR><BR>Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    there are several good books on IIS administration, but I&#039;ve nbot seen much on the web about it - try searching www.aspin.com for pointers...<BR><BR>j

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