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    My problem is that the application works perfectly locally, but when uploaded, produces the following error message:<BR><BR>Microsoft JET Database Engine error &#039;80004005&#039;<BR>Operation must use an updateable query.<BR>/test/11/post_info.asp, line 372<BR><BR><BR>Line 372:<BR>my_conn.Execute (StrSql)<BR><BR>How can I solve this and what more information do you need to help me? <BR>Thanks in advance.

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    You might be trying to insert something into a table with it set as read only...<BR>if you post the code here from your page im sure someone can help you out.<BR><BR>Roger

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    thanx <BR><BR>I was always trying to activate the write modus in access itself and not just the file.<BR><BR>Problem solved thanx

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