Forcing a string.

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Thread: Forcing a string.

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    Default Forcing a string.

    What is the syntax to force a string?

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    Default What is the syntax to force a string????????

    could you be specific, are u talking about "Cstr" ?

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    Default RE: Forcing a string.

    You can cast your expression as a string using<BR><BR>CStr(expression)<BR><BR>But, be aware that VBS has only 1 data type : variant. So your string may unwantedly get changed back to another "data type" or format later by VBS as well.<BR><BR>Cast your expression right before you need to reference it so VBS doesn&#039;t change it on you.<BR><BR>Here is an excellent article about VBS data types :<BR><BR><BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Reginald

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