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    I have created a form with several fields, one of which is a drop-down menu (option field) populated by a table in my Access database. The form will update another table in my database on submit. I would like to have another form available so the user can view and update the information. I would like to include a drop-down menu so that the user can change the field if they desire. Is there a way to set the initial value as the value in the table, but still have all the other values available from the first table?

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    This assumes that rs = yourRecordSetName<BR>try something like this:<BR><BR>&#060;select name="specificmonth"><BR> &#060;option> <BR> &#060;option value="5">June 1998<BR> &#060;option value="6">July 1998<BR> &#060;option value="7">August 1998<BR> &#060;option value="8">September 1998<BR> &#060;option value="&#060;%= rs("whatever) &#037;&#062;" selected>&#060;%= rs("whatever") &#037;&#062;<BR> &#060;/select><BR><BR>Hope that gives you some direction

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