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    Hi, <BR>I have two columns in a database looking like this<BR>*************************<BR>*mycategories *<BR>*************************<BR>*department * coursecode*<BR>*************************<BR>*some value * no value *<BR>*************************<BR>*no value * some value*<BR>*************************<BR><BR>when i Do Until objRS4.EOF <BR>is there anyway that whenever there <BR>is a blank it can *skip" that entry<BR>cos when i use it in a drop down list<BR>there are spaces (which looks ugly)<BR><BR>the other way I suppose i can just create<BR>two databases with one column each<BR><BR>the reason for the above structure<BR>is that when a user adds a "preference"<BR>to the table mycategories it updates<BR>a column and when i extract the info<BR>i extract "department" where "username" = username<BR><BR>i hope this kinda makes sense?<BR><BR>TQ<BR>stacey

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    It does not make very much sense to me, but if you want to put some values from a recordset in a selectbox, but not all, why not write an IF statement inside your DO loop?<BR><BR>Do Until objRS4.EOF<BR> If objRS4("blah") &#060;&#062; "" Then<BR> Response.write "..."<BR> End If<BR> objRS4.MoveNext<BR>Loop<BR>

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