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    iam entering data in textarea ,,database access and field type to that text area is a Memo and when i want to call this field to display in ASP page it is not displaying according to my restriction, the matter is extending instead of wrapping, can anybody help wrapping the text.<BR><BR>

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    That problem you are having is that you are formating the text in your textarea but not in the html. as when teh data is writen to html it will ignor all the white spaces. what you need to do is html format the data in the text field before you send it to the database. try this <BR><BR>StrString = replace(SrtString,chr(13),"<BR>") <BR>this will help with the html formating put the text on seprate <BR>lines. <BR>But this gives the problem that when you readit the text it is full of html so you will need to strip that.

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