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    Robin White Guest

    Default ASP Developer needed to help expand website

    We are in the UK and need someone with good ASP experience to help develop our website. We have contacts in the US so payment in US$ would not be a problem. Could you send your resume and charge our rate to along with any other information you think is relevant.

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    Ravinder Singireddy Guest

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    SUMMARY<BR>I have over 5 yrs of experience in developing Web(Three Tier Architecture) and Client/Server applications using ASP, VB Script, Java Script, HTML, Visual Basic, COM/DCOM, MTS, Oracle and MS SQL SERVER, and. Has good communication and interpersonal skills.<BR><BR>SKILLS<BR><BR>Languages Visual Basic 5.0/6.0, (ActiveX), VB Script, Java Script, PL/SQL, HTML,.<BR>Web Tools Active Server Pages (ASP, v 2.0), Visual Interdev, MS Front Page 2000<BR>Web Server Internet Information Server (IIS)<BR>Technologies COM, DHTML<BR>O/S DOS, Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0, Novell NetWare (LAN)<BR>RDBMS Oracle 8.x, SQL Server 6.5/7.0, MS-Access.<BR>Data Modelling Tool Erwin<BR>Hardware Pentium PCs, 8085.<BR><BR>EDUCATION<BR>BS Computer Science & Engineering, <BR>Mysore University, India<BR><BR>EXPERIENCE<BR>First USA Bank, Delaware May, 2000 - Present<BR>Profiler, Key Process Indicator and Competitive Database Maintenance<BR>Environment: Visual Basic 6.0, ASP v 2.0, VB Script, Visual Interdev, MS Front Page 2000, Java Script, HTML, Oracle v 8, IIS, COM/DCOM, ODBC Win NT and PVCS.<BR><BR>Profiler: Responsible for Trouble shooting, maintenance, enhancements and implementing changes<BR>It is an Intranet-based application. It is an analytical search tool used in identifying a target population from database for one-to-one marketing. Search results are saved in the database as a profile and reused by changing the filtering criteria. A profile is a search result population that has been identified using a set of hierarchies of filtering criteria.<BR>Responsibilities:<BR>· Trouble shooting and fixing any errors.<BR>· Developing oracle stored procedures required for enhancement and change requests <BR>· Designed and Developed components with COM specifications using Visual Basic 6 as per the requirements for enhancements and change requests.<BR>· Designing and Developed front end screens in ASP, Vbscript, Java Script and HTML<BR><BR>Key Process Indicator:<BR>Key process indicator is an Intranet application interfaced with different applications installed across the enterprise. KPI is designed to monitor different metrics of different applications such as Start and End Time of different Jobs, No of queries hit against the database for different applications etc. This system allows different users of this application to monitor all jobs and produce reports depending upon their privileges.<BR>Responsibilities:<BR>· Documenting user requirements and analyzing them<BR>· Designing the data model as per requirements using Erwin<BR>· Designing Web Page Layouts using Visual Interdev, Microsoft Front Page 2000.<BR>· Developing ASP pages for Viewing, Adding, Modifying and Deleting the Data<BR>· Writing programs for server side and client side validations using Active Server Pages (ASP), HTML, VB Script, and Java Script. <BR><BR>Competitive Database Maintenance: <BR>Description: Is a database in which the marketing research group of FUSA captures information about the competitors offers. This Database contains the information about various offers that the US population gets from FUSA competitors.<BR>Responsibilities:<BR>· Developed oracle stored procedures<BR>· Designed and Developed ASP web pages using Microsoft Front Page and Microsoft Visual Interdev and used the above developed stored procedure within the ASP page.<BR>· Writing programs for server side and client side validations using Active Server Pages (ASP), HTML, VB Script, and Java Script. <BR><BR>November99 – May00<BR>Web Security, Naviant Technologies Solutions, West Chester<BR>Environment: Visual Basic 6.0, ASP v 2.0, VB Script, Visual Interdev, MS Front Page 2000, Java Script, HTML, DHTML, Oracle v 8, IIS, MTS (Microsoft Transaction Server), COM/DCOM and Win NT.<BR>Description: Developed an intranet application for corporate employees, users and administrators. This application reads the user login and verifies against a user profile database and displays the web page depending on his privileges. <BR>Developed Read Components, Read/Write Components using Visual Basic 6 classes and COM/DCOM under MTS Environment and displayed it on the web page using ASP, HTML, DHTML, and Java Script.<BR>Responsibilities<BR>· Involved in the design of child/response (Windows NT authentication) Security for this application. Under MTS and IIS involving Oracle database.<BR>· Involved in the design of the template for Read Components, Read/Write Components and Delete Components under Visual Basic environment.<BR>· Developed the above components using Visual Basic 6, with COM/DCOM specifications.<BR>· Writing programs for server side and client side validations using Active Server Pages (ASP), HTML, VB Script, and Java Script. <BR>· Designing Web Page Layouts using Microsoft Front Page 2000.<BR><BR> April 99 - November99<BR>ATA Web Portal, NJ<BR>Environment: Visual Basic 5.0/6.0, ASP v 2.0, VB Script, MS Front Page 2000, Java Script, HTML, Java Applets, SQL SERVER v 6.5, IIS, MTS (Microsoft Transaction Server), COM/DCOM and Win NT.<BR>Description: Was involved in developing a web portal. This portal has eighteen categories such as News, Sports, Business, Investments, Art & Culture, and Matrimonial etc. This portal also had E-commerce and I was a part of the team that implemented it. I was specifically involved in Registration, Classifieds, Bulletin Board Service (BBS), and Opinion polls. This portal is configured on IIS web server on Windows NT platform. All modules are developed using ASP, VB Script for server side, and Java Script for client side validations and COM/DCOM, MTS, Visual Basic, ASP for E-commerce implementation on MS SQL Server database. <BR><BR><BR>Responsibilities <BR>· Capturing user requirements and analyzing them.<BR>· Generating the scripts for physical data model to implement on SQL SERVER database. <BR>· Actively involved in implementation of E-commerce where users can buy gift certificates online using COM/DCOM, Visual Basic, ASP, Microsoft Transaction Server.<BR>· Involved in the Development features such as Registration, Chat Room, Bulletin Board, Opinion Polls required for this portal using ASP, HTML and VB Script.<BR>· Writing programs for server side and client side validations using Active Server Pages (ASP), HTML, VB Script, and Java Script. <BR>· Integrating Real audio and video with this application.<BR>· Documenting functional requirements and system requirements<BR>· Designing Web Page Layouts using Microsoft Front Page 2000.<BR><BR>October 98 – April 99<BR>Cyberwiz, Inc.<BR>Project: Training Management System<BR>Environment: Visual Basic 5.0/6.0, ASP v 2.0, VB Script, Java Script, HTML and SQL SERVER v 6.5.<BR>Description: This application is designed to maintain training courses that are offered by different training institutes on the web. This application has extensive inquiry tools for students to choose appropriate courses suitable for them based on their skills and qualifications. Students can register courses online, take tests online. This application can be implemented on the client/server area as well as on the Web (using IIS Web Server). <BR>Responsibilities <BR>· Analyzing the requirements and group discussions<BR>· Developing extensive inquiry and analytical tools required for the application using Java Script and VB Script, and Visual Basic.<BR>· Preparing the Database Design and generating the scripts for physical data model.<BR>· Documentation of the project<BR><BR>March 98 - October 98<BR>SME, Dearborn, MI <BR>Project: Circulation System<BR>Environment: VB 5.0, Oracle 7.x, Windows 95 <BR>Description: Involved in analysis, design, data modeling and systems development for an on-line Circulation System. The system has capability of classifying and qualifying people for a magazine based on the information like job title, job function and their employer sic so that they are eligible for a free magazine subscription. The system has extensive inquiry and analytical tools for the user to control magazine circulation. The system also reports detail magazine circulation summary for the BPA audit.<BR>Responsibilities<BR>· Designed and developed online maintenance screens to enter employment information of magazine subscribers and their employer information for qualification. <BR>· Designed Screens to enter magazine subscription information. <BR>· Wrote procedures generate mailing labels to a file for magazine circulation based on subscription information. Programs are scheduled to run automatically for generating mailing label files for each magazine<BR><BR>August 97 - February 98<BR>GAGE Marketing Group, India <BR>Project: Analyzing and generating reports of Sales for all Automobile Dealers<BR>Environment: Developer 2000 (Oracle Reports3.x, Oracle Graphics, Oracle Forms5.0), PL/SQL, SQR, Oracle7.0, HP-UX, and Windows 95 <BR>Description: This project involves conversion of Dealers sales data from flat ASCII files into Oracle7.3 database tables using PL/SQL programs. Involved in Designing the Reports Layout and developing those using Oracle*Reports 3.0 and generated the necessary graphs using oracle graphics. Developed a screen to execute these reports and graphs using Oracle*Forms5.0. Written procedures and functions using PL/SQL programs <BR><BR>October 95 - August 97<BR>Globe Data Management System, Hyderabad, India <BR>Project: Customization of Benefits and Payroll systems<BR>Environment: Oracle7.x, Developer2000 on Windows NT<BR>Description: Customized the benefits such as PF, Leave, Maternity Leave, Bonus and Gratuity of the employees and the payment of salaries to employees (Payroll). Modified the existing Tables & Panels and added the necessary fields.<BR><BR><BR>References: Will be furnished upon request.<BR><BR>

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