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    Default Online Quiz using ASP!

    hi, i want to stage an online quiz for my college, think asp is the solution. Would i need db connectivity? if yes, would mdb files be good enuff, what server? pws/iis?<BR>basically how shud i go abt it? any suggestions...pls help :)

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    Default Yup....

    You could...For starters...Look at the poll example that they have here on 4guys. Just do a search for poll, or

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    RobertJansen Guest

    Default RE: Online Quiz using ASP!

    I think that Javascript would work pretty good for this too. You can just sace the results through hidden fields. If you know Javascript it&#039;s really not difficult to make it.

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    Default ..JavaScript?

    The answers would all be viewable in the client side code...<BR>The winner of the qui would be the first person to &#039;View Source&#039;.

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