i don&#039;t know what has happened to my computer, but i can no longer use the filesystemobject as i could a few weeks ago on the same machine. i can instantiate a filesystemobject and even access some of those properties (GetDriveName, FolderExists, etc..), but when i try to use the FSO to create a TSO (TextStreamObject) the script fails. no errors are produced, no timeout occurs, no large CPU consumption.. it just sits there doing nothing. the page status (the little blue bar that shows the page being downloaded) barely moves, but never reaches close to half way.<BR>i&#039;ve let this run for well over 20 min and still nothing. furthermore, once this happens i cannot access anything else within the site until i close all open browsers, then re-open a browser. i know this sounds totally bizarre, but i cannot figure it out! my apologies to those of you who&#039;ve read this before, i did post with the same problem a few weekes ago, but the problem still exists! any help is appreciated.