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    I am programming recordset paging in an ASP page. For the next and previous link I have to pass <BR>the parameters like page number,SQL query and maximum no of records .<BR><BR> for example<BR><BR> max = Request.QueryString("max")<BR> sql1 = Request.QueryString("SQLstr")<BR><BR>The following statement works well in Internet Explorer but Netscape gives HTTP Error 400<BR><BR><BR><BR> &#060;A HREF="pagename.asp?page=&#060;%=CInt(RSPage-1)%&#062;&SQLstr=&#060;%=sql1%&#062;&max=&#060;%=m ax%&#062;"&#062;&#060;font face="Verdana" size="2"&#062;Previous&#060;/font&#062;&#060;/A&#062;<BR><BR><BR>In Internet Explorer the query looks like following<BR><BR>http://abc/pagename.asp?page=2&SQLstr=%20select%20*%20from%20 result%20%20order%20by%20canid&max=10<BR><BR>How can I solve this problem<BR>Thanks

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    try using something like:<BR><BR>dim strURL<BR>strURL = server.urlencode("some stuff to encode")<BR>response.write strURL<BR><BR>IE is a little more forgiving about stuff like this, so if you forget to encode some stuff that&#039;s going to show up in the URL IE will do it for you (i think), netscape probably doesn&#039;t (maybe netscape 6 will) encode your string and it will just die.

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