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    Just a quick one, if anyone knows how to store files in a database. Not the file name with reference to a certain directory(which is where my research has led me to) but rather the physical file in a cell. <BR><BR>This would have two huge advantages:<BR>1)overwriting filenames is impossible<BR>2)website maintenance is greatly reduced, because currently i have to check for "deleted" references to files in my directory and then physically delete those which still exist. This is because everyone only has add and read privileges and not delete/overwrite.<BR><BR>Hope someone knows...I am using mySQL and Oracle databases which are supposidly capable of this function.<BR><BR>Regards<BR>t

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    BLOB fields.<BR>Binary Large OBjects<BR>its not a recommened method, but you can use them.<BR>its really better just to store a filename in the db and then use that in your &#060;img&#062; tag<BR>&#060;img src=";%=rs("fieldName")%&#062;"&#062;<BR>much easier and much less expensive.

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