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    Default Two Combo Boxes

    I have two combo boxes on a form....I want to fill the second box, based upon the selection in the first box. The database that I am reading has both pieces of data in each State&#124City&#124Zip with state repeating for each city in a particular state. Since I have all the data that I need in the recordset from One Select statement, can I do this all on the client side???

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    Default Sure why not

    see if this helps<BR><BR>

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    Default How about a non JavaScript Solution??

    Can this be done without using JavaScript???

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    Default RE: How about a non JavaScript Solution??

    its even easier that way; however its more server intesive (ie EXPENSIVE) you need a little bit of js to handle the oncange event from the first box, by submitting the form then get the chosen value and fill the second one based on that. this means that you will have to open a new recordset each time the page is called, and the page will have to be called frequently.

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    See my example there that is all done in ASP. I think it is called "categories" or something to that effect.<BR><BR>

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