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    How can I call a batch file from my .asp page? I tried call response.redirect("http...") sometimes I get a download dialog box asking if I want to run it from here or save it, and sometimes it just prints what's in the file -- I want it just to run and not do either of what its doing.

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    Use Windows Scripting Host within your ASP code. You can create a WSH object and then call batch files or whatever.<BR><BR>See this page for a WSH example :<BR><BR><BR><BR>or go directly to the source :<BR><BR><BR><BR>That should give you a start...<BR><BR>Reginald

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    Default You need a component...

    MS provides one I forget the name of. And there is a freebie from as well.<BR><BR>Basically, you have to invoke a command line execution via the component. NOTE: THIS IS EXPENSIVE TO DO. So don&#039;t do it often and/or on a busy server.<BR><BR>

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