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    Rui Guest

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    Creating PDFs dynamically without using third-party components.<BR><BR>It must be possible to create PDFs dynamically, programming through the Acrobat API, has anyone managed to achieve this?<BR><BR>I know that there are plenty of third-party components (well.. not that many), but what are the tricks to do it directly from asp?<BR><BR>Many thanks for reading this..especially if you respond ;-)

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    Forum Police Guest

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    Answered in the moderated forum.<BR><BR>PLEASE STOP CROSSPOSTING!

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    Rui Guest

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    Sorry Mr Policeman.<BR><BR>Just trying to find an answer to the question. It hasn&#039;t really been answered in the moderated forum, and I did post it here first.<BR><BR>But I am feeling contrite :-(

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