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    A lot of sites have somthing that shows a user where abouts they are on the site ie.<BR>Main &#062; News &#062; Today &#062; Accident Story<BR><BR>my site will be no exception. Becuase my site is not hard coded how would I go about this? What do you think the easies way to do this would be?

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    It all depends on how your site is set up...<BR><BR>The way I have mine set up is....<BR><BR>I have a function that looks at where the user is, then it traces the path back to the root or main page.<BR><BR>check out <BR><BR>to see what I mean.<BR><BR>-- Whol

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    So that method pulls the link and the words from a database based on the &#039;catorgy&#039;?

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    The site is set up like this...<BR><BR>Category -- &#062; Sub Category -- &#062; Page/thread/whatever<BR><BR>It looks at what type of page it is on (Cat, subcat, or thread) inside of the function that I call if will trace backwards using SQL, to the root...<BR><BR>Say I am looking at a thread, the path is...<BR>Root -- &#062; Category --&#062; Sub Category --&#062; Thread<BR><BR>The function will use a SQL command like this to sho the user the root.<BR>Select thread.thread_name, subcat.subcat_name, category.category_name from thread, subcat,category where thread.thread_id = " & request("thread_id") & " and thread.subcat_id = subcat.subcat_id and subcat.category_id = category.category_id)<BR><BR>This will grab the items from the position back to the root. Its really simple...<BR><BR>-- Whol

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    Default CoverYourASP

    This site has a complete example...<BR><BR><BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Ro b

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