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    Hello,<BR>I have an Intranet. (http:\magellan.megabyte.be login=test, pwd=test)<BR>I Want the user connects by mean of ASP pages.<BR>There a folder wich has the NT Challenge Response security because it contains files (xls...).<BR>In my ASP pages there are links wich lead to this documents .<BR>How can I Integrate the NT login and the NT password in my html-link to avoid the user to do the NT Challenge Response authentification ?<BR><BR>Thanks !!<BR>Julia

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    Without third-party software, you can&#039;t :)<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Default Are you sure?

    I&#039;ve read that you are supposed to be able to do this with ADSI but the problem seems to bethat the asp page runs under the annonuser account and doesn&#039; have enough premissions to authenticate to active directory / nt user manager

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