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    Default ASP stops running

    I have a server that ever once in awhile, that will stop running asp pages. Still runs html and java, but will not run asp. Is their a way to correct this problem. I am running IIS 4.0 and NT server 4.0. Lots of space and resources are fine.

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    Default Look for...

    ...objects in your pages that haven&#039;t been closed and destroyed. Particular ADO connections, recordsets, and their corresponding objects. This is the normal culprit for locking up IIS. The most common mistake I&#039;ve seen is not destroying these before response.redirect...<BR><BR>Also, don&#039;t store "connected" ADO objects in Application or Session variables. This can cause major problems.

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    Default Event Log

    Take a look in your Server Event Log - it may point you towards a problematic component - or somthing.<BR><BR>Good Luck

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