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    What would be involved in making a site search. Would I look thru all the text on my site? Would that take to long? Would I have to crete a colum in the database just for keyworks that pertain to that pirticlur section? ( I am not a huge site but I add things everyday)<BR><BR>I know how to accatuly do the query I am just not sure what exactly to query.

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    Default Index Server....

    is the way to go

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    Tony Guest

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    Or you could add Google.<BR><BR><BR>

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    It depends how great (size-wise) your site is.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve just finished developing a knowledgebase application which uses either Site Server or Index Server, depending on what&#039;s installed.<BR><BR>Index Server comes with Windows NT 4 and upwards (through to Win 2000 Adv Server). It&#039;s simple to set up, and you can even query it using SQL.<BR><BR>Site Server&#039;s basically Index Server&#039;s big brother. It&#039;s a lot more powerful, but costs extra to install onto a server.<BR><BR>Google, or other external searches, are pretty good, but don&#039;t expect them to be as good as your own dedicated search. Personally, if it&#039;s only a small site, I would go for Index Server. It&#039;s cheap, and quick to set up. It&#039;ll also be very easy to maintain. Site Server&#039;s obviously the way to go with larger sites and applications. Plus, you can add plugins to Site Server to allow the searching of PDF files and things.<BR><BR>Craig.

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